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baXeptic – your product solution for aseptic bag applications.
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Infusion as drug dosage form

Parenteral administration of drugs avoids the first pass effect. Products can be adjusted individually for each patient. This enhances the success of treatment with drugs.

As system partner, Harro Höfliger offers you the right baXeptic configuration for every phase of your product life cycle: from the laboratory to commercial production.

Therapeutic approach

Cell and Gene Therapies have great potential for curing chronic and serious diseases. In combination with "Omic" diagnostics, the course of a disease is changed. Due to the small batches, production and filling this personalized medicine requires maximum reliability of product and process.

baXeptic plants meet EU GMP Annex 1 and FDA requirements. They operate with maximum care for the valuable product and ensure maximum patient safety.

Research and development

Research into pharmacologically effective substances is the starting point for your success story. Virological, bacteriological or genetically directed approaches have potential for delivering the desired response at the ideal destination.

Harro Höfliger Pharma Services investigate substances at its own laboratories for feasibility of industrialization of the filling process.

Find the best solution

Substances for aseptic or personalized drug uses require special handling. Relevant points for quality include identity and traceability, integrity, bioavailability, purity and exact quantity of active ingredients.

baXeptic focuses on the overall development of your processes and assists you from an early phase of the project.

Production technology for the perfect process

In complete installations for aseptic production, all process stages and components must be coordinated down to the last detail.

Benefit from comprehensive process know-how and modular solutions made by Harro Höfliger which ensure fully aseptic production flow.

Reliably automate aseptic production

baXeptic is the basis for a precise solution in your production. Together with highly specialized partners, Harro Höfliger ensures that you get optimal automation for your aseptic bag application.