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Harro Höfliger uses the baXeptic technology program to cover development of the filling process from the laboratory to production.
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Services for laboratory tests and trials

Before conception of a production machine the focus is on process capability.

Viscosity and sensitivity of liquid products play a decisive role in defining suitable filling processes. In the specially-created laboratory area, the liquid media are tested to determine the optimal filling process. This includes investigating the primary packaging for the filling process, preparation and sealing. Technical innovations are planned and industrialized in cooperation with the client.

The technological portfolio

The combination of aseptic key processes is the core of the technical solutions.
At each stage of industrialization, only tested and proven components are used.

In developing your process, Harro Höfliger supports you with consulting services such as CCS (Contamination Control Strategy), planning, configuration or concept development of technological solutions.


Semi-automatic linear filling of small-volume bags with small batch size

VarioSys® facilitates entry into aseptic filling processes. The semi-automatic filling process takes place in a controlled environment in the isolator. Rapid transfer ports and other technologies make possible simple handling of product and equipment. The empty containers are manually prepared for filling, which then proceeds fully automatically.

Output by process and operation
Dosing Peristaltic pump
Filling volume 10–1000 ml
Protection concept Isolator
Protection class ISO 5, class A
Cleanroom ISO 7/8, class C/D


Fully automatic filling of large volume bags

The bXc LS is designed for fully automatic test production with larger containers. The filling technologies include peristaltic or time-pressure dosing. Feeding empty containers and removing full ones is done manually.

Output 1–2 bags/min
Dosing Peristaltic pump / time-pressure
Filling volume Up to 10 l
Protection concept Laminar flow
Protection class ISO 5, class A
Cleanroom ISO 6, class B


Fully automatic bag filling in rotary motion machine

The LRT-A is the ideal platform for filling and sealing infusion bags in sterile conditions in the medium performance sector. An integrated CIP/SIP system ensures perfect cleaning of the filling line after each batch. The RABS barrier technology with integrated laminar flow system ensures the necessary aseptic conditions.

Output up to 15 bags/min
Filling volume 25–250 ml
Dosing Mass flow sensor technology
Protection concept RABS
Protection class ISO 5, class A
Cleanroom ISO 6, class B


The standard for fully automated aseptic production in the high performance sector

The compact design with oval motion machine allows integrated workflow exactly coordinated with your production.

Output up to 15 bags/min
Filling volume variable, depending on filling system
Protection concept RABS / isolator
Protection class ISO 1–5 / A-B (EU GMP / Annex 1)
Cleanroom ISO 7/8, class C/D